a woman with a past

a woman with a past

"To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain and play with it."

- Charlie Chaplin


    a woman with a past

  • Documentary, Canada, 2014
  • HD / COLOUR / 10 minutes / Stereo

a woman with a past is a raw, candid glimpse into the lived experience, self-preserving humour and written words of trans, intersex poet Antonette Rea. In her affable nature, Antonette recounts her years working the streets, her struggles with stigma, violence & addiction, and how ultimately her humour and poetry have been essential to creating a new chapter of healing and self-expression.

Cast: Antonette Rea (interviewee, poetry and harmonica)

Crew: Gwen Haworth

Producer: Kristian Petersen

During 2014, the film will screen as part of the compilation film Fucking Different XXY, distributed by Raspberry and Cream, a division of M-Appeal World Sales UG

a woman with a past

a woman with a past - trailer